Purchase a current compiled list (we have put together prospect lists around a specific scientific area, such as gene silencing, which we feel will be valuable); or, allow Web prospects to create a custom list for your very specific sales and marketing needs. The search criteria is based on likely buyers — scientists actively performing research in academia, government and commercial institutions; and groups applying for grants, publishing research and presenting results. Also, now available is the Web Prospects Z-engine, a service that allows our clients 24X7 access to an extensive array of Life Science data. Our data engine allows you to run your own custom queries anywhere anytime, provided you have internet access.

Purchase one of our current complied lists. Our researchers have already done the work and targeted the latest Life Science buyers in a specific research area. See what we have to offer and start your marketing today. For more specific targets, visit our custom lists section.

Let Web Prospects do the heavy lifting for you. We'll search through the endless array of names and create a specialized list that meets all of your requirements. The search criteria always targets active scientists performing research in academia, government and commercial institutions.

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