Over the last decade, the evolution of powerful internet search engines, such as: CRISP, PubMed, Scirus and others have aided the life science industry in accurately matching current product value propositions to scientific buyers.

In today's market, one needs to use unbiased angles (e.g. internet prospecting) to know exactly which researchers are doing what research as it pertains to your company's unique product solutions. The problem with this type of "smart-list" generation is one of labor. It is simply not profitable for companies to pay high salaried sales and marketing personnel to perform this function.

Web Prospects was created to fill the need for efficient, low-cost and productive internet prospecting. We use off-shore outsourcing to provide the fastest, low cost internet prospecting available. Specializing in Life Sciences, our new proprietary software has created an efficient process for generating the most current "research lists" available.

Web Prospects was founded by Bill A. Williams, Ph.D. He received his doctorate from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Angelo State University. Bill's doctoral research involved development of new chiral separation and mobility measurement strategies.

Since 1997, Bill has held several sales and marketing positions with Beckman Coulter and Ciphergen Biosystems. While at Ciphergen, Bill was the National Sales Manager responsible for marketing and sales coordination in the United States. Prior to these commercial positions, he was an Analytical Chemist with Whitehall Robbins Healthcare (now a part of Wyeth).

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